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Attractive presentation will make your wine taste better.

Be creative and make your wine taste better

When I visit a liquor store I spend a good part of my time in the wine section. I love looking at the colourful labels and reading the descriptions and more often than not my buying decision is influenced by the overall appearance of the bottle. Of course wine manufacturers are aware of this and they put mega bucks into label design and bottle presentation. They know the psychology behind it and the big part in plays in your enjoyment of their wine.

You should give the same attention to your hand-crafted wines. Decorating your bottles with labels and tops will give you a sense of pride when you serve your wine. Your friends will also appreciate your style and attention to detail and your wine will taste better! Yes that’s right your wine will taste better, or at least it will be perceived to taste better. It’s a big disappointment when you’re anticipating enjoying a glass of wine but it arrives in an unlabeled rum bottle. As a customer once related to me, “I question how much care went into the winemaking when I’m served wine from a dirty old rum bottle”.

How to serve your wine with style

For a professional presentation you’ll want to label your wine and finish the top with decorative shrink seals.

  1. Make sure your bottles are clean and that all remnants of old labels, tops and adhesive are removed. Soak your bottles in warm water for a couple of hours and use a paint scraper or knife to help remove stubborn labels and adhesive.
  2. After your bottles are filled and closed, wipe them dry and lay them on their side to apply the labels.
  3. Carefully line up your label before applying. You want to make sure the label is straight and it’s positioned properly on the bottle. The positioning depends on the style and size of the label and the shape of the bottle. Use your judgement of style to make it eye appealing.
  4. Shrink seals give your wine the finishing touch and they should tie everything together. Match your seals to colours that can be found in your label.

Some helpful tips

  1. Wine labels come in self-adhesive or wet-gummed. Self-adhesive are easier to apply but more expensive.
  2. You can further personalize your wine by using customized labels. You can design and make them yourself using blank wine label stock or we can custom-print labels for you.
  3. For a more professional presentation try to keep your bottles uniform in shape and colour
  4. Decorative seals come in many colours and designs. Try to use solid or muted designs if your label is bold and ornate.
  5. If you’re using screw-caps do not apply shrink seals. They will not shrink properly and will look ugly. We have decorative screw-caps with a sleeve if you want to give your screw-top bottles a professional look.

You put a lot of effort and pride into crafting your wine, so make sure that’s reflected by your presentation. Now it’s your turn to go make a work of art!

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